Candy Bags by Treat Leaf Edibles

Treat Leaf Edibles – Candy Bags Video Review

Treat Leaf Edibles Overview:

Treat Leaf Edibles are a new company in the Canadian edible market and they have been creating quite a buzz with their Candy Bags gummy candy!

Accessing Treat Leaf Edibles:

You can connect directly with Treat Leaf edibles through their instagram page @lifesatreat_ and you can find Candy Bags at many online dispensaries.

Treat Leaf Edibles Pricing & Selection:

To my knowledge, Treat Leaf currently only has two available products; the Candy bags and a vape pen.  The Candy Bags retail for around $40 and contain nine pieces with 40mg per piece.

Unique to Treat Leaf Edibles:

The buzz!  And I’m not just talking about how these make you feel!  This is one of the first times I can remember there being so much excitement over the launch of a product!  Their marketing team did a great job but what’s even better is that the product didn’t just meet expectations, it shattered them!

Candy Bags Gummies Smell, Texture, Taste:

Each package contains nine pieces and three flavours; Sour Grape, Sour Blueberry and Sour Watermelon.  Each of these varieties taste awesome!!  There isn’t any cannabis smell or flavour to speak of as they are infused with a high quality, solvent free distillate.  The texture of these is crazy!  I could play with an unopened bag for hours (with or without cannabis in my system) and they are just as fun to eat!

Candy Bags Effects:

Start Time: 1:00pm    

Starting to feel effects:1:45pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 2:00pm

Effect coming down: 4:30pm

These gummies are tremendous!  I went with three for a total of 120mgs of THC but future sessions will start with two!  I typically say that distillate edibles are better suited for the daytime and tend not to hit as heavy as a full bud extraction but Treat Leaf has it down!  These were very potent, long lasting edibles that were worth every penny!  Highly recommended!


Taste:  95/100

Effects:  95/100

Looks & Packaging: 98 /100