High Dose Cookies & Cream Cookies by York's Edibles

York’s Edibles - High Dose Cookies and Cream Cookies

York’s Edibles Overview:

York’s Edibles is a provider of top shelf medical grade cannabis edibles.  I first became aware of them at the 2017 Karma Cup and have grown very fond of their products.

Accessing York’s Edibles Canada:

York’s Edibles participates in many of the Toronto Canna Pop Ups and also does mail order.  Please connect with them through their Instagram @yorksediblesto or their website yorksedibles.com for more information.

York’s Edibles Pricing & Selection:

York’s have a variety of high end edibles all starting in the $10 - $15 range.

Unique to York’s Edibles

York’s Edibles has a Snow Cone Machine that they bring to events!  Although summer is a ways off you might want to think ahead and reserve this bad boy for the May 2-4 weekend!

York’s Edibles High Dose Cookies and Cream Cookies  Smell Texture, Taste:

These cookies are great!  The are crisp, not a soft baked and there is a slight cannabis smell coming from them (York’s uses canna butter and infused coconut oil in all their products).  Crunchy and delicious these high dose cookies hit the spot!

High Dose Cookies Effects:

Start Time: 1:00pm    

Starting to feel effects: 1:40pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 1:55pm

Effect coming down: 4:45pm

These are great cookies!  The effects were right where I expected them to be at 250mg.  You get two cookies per package and they are 125mg each, so maybe they are not the best for newbies, lol!  I had both cookies and was very satisfied!  Muscles felt like jelly and my mood was amazing!  Great work!


Taste:  92/100

Effects:  95/100

Looks & Packaging: 90/100