Green Dynasty Vape Pen

Green Dynasty – Pre Loaded Vape Pen

Green Dynasty Overview:

Green Dynasty is a new company on the Toronto scene with some interesting products, the crown jewel being the pre loaded vape carts we will be looking at today.


Accessing Green Dynasty:

Green Dynasty is fairly new and their website is currently being designed but their products can be found at a few online dispensaries and by contacting them direct through Instagram @greendynasty888

Unique to Green Dynasty:

Well, I’m  not sure if this is unique to Green Dynasty or just to this pen but the flavour was out of this world!  I have NEVER had a vape pen with so much flavour before!!

Vape Pen Performance:

This vape pen was a treat!!  This was a two parter… battery on the bottom and disposable / refillable cart on top.  The battery is great, standard 510 threading and a buttonless design.  Most vape pens in this style have a button that needs to be depressed when you draw.  This one works just like the all-in-one disposables; draw and go!  I love it!!  

The atomizer is also great… leak proof and with a ceramic burner it performs awesome!  Never did it clog or time out, it just gave super sweet draws!  And the distillate… omg!  The flavour was amazing!  So much orange in the Orange Mango!!  It was 95% pure three pass distillat from platnum kush budder.  Ya heard me!

Vape Pen Effects:

Usually I say vape pens are good for micro dosing or to maintain, but this one really hits!  Three draws in and I was starting to feel it work it’s magic!  It provided a nice heady sensation and I found 5 or six draws would do me good for around a thirty minutes or so.  Very impressed!


Taste:  95/100

Effects:  93/100

Looks & Packaging: 85/100



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