Mr Kush VIP High Dose Chocolate Bar

Mr Kush VIP – High Dose Chocolate Bar

Mr Kush VIP Overview:

Mr Kush VIP is a premium edible maker out of Toronto.  They produce a wide variety of products infused with their own extracts made from high quality flower.

Accessing Mr Kush VIP:

Mr Kush VIP products can be accessed a variety of ways.  I picked up my High Dose chocolate bar from Lucky Thirteen Collective ( @lucky13xpress ) at a vendor event and they can be found in many online and brick-and-mortar dispensaries.  Mr Kush VIP also has their own informational website at

Mr Kush VIP Pricing & Selection:

In terms of edibles, Mr. Kush VIP has both a chocolate bar line and a gummy line with prices starting around $10 and going up from there.  The chocolate and dosage variety varies but typically their products are high does can can be upwards of 500mg.

Unique to Mr. Kush VIP:

Mr. Kush VIP only uses in house produced concentrates to make their edibles and those all come from flower, never any shake.

High Dose Chocolate Bar Smell, Texture, Taste:

This was a great chocolate bar!  Mine was milk chocolate with almonds and rice crisps so it was very much like a Crunchy Bar.  The chocolate was very nice, it had a super smooth texture and it tasted like there was a hint of honey.  This was infused with a concentrate so there wasn’t any cannabis smell or flavour!  The looked nice with an embossed logo on the front however the edges were a little rough.  The packaging was amazing!

High Dose Chocolate Bar Effects:

Start Time: 1:00pm    

Starting to feel effects: 1:30pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 1:45pm

Effect coming down: 3:35pm

This is a GREAT edible!!  Wow!!  I was really impressed with the effects, they were super relaxing and calming and lasted quite a while for being from a concentrate!!  250mgs was perfect!  It gave the feel of a full bud extraction and left you feeling clean and energized when everything was said and done.  Very impressed!


Taste:  93/100

Effects:  93/100

Looks & Packaging: 93/100