Sour Buzz Bears by Green Goddess Canna Confections

Green Goddess Canna Confections – Sour Buzz Bears Video Review

Green Goddess Canna Confections Overview:

Green Goddess Canna Confections is an edible company in Toronto that has been making some great waves!  They provide a variety of edibles from baked goods, to gummies to infused drink mixes!  Their menu is very impressive!

Accessing Green Goddess Canna Confections:

Connect with Green Goddess Canna Confections through their Instagram page @GreenGoddessCC or via email

Green Goddess Pricing & Selection:

The pricing at Green Goddess starts at $8 for sample packs and $15 - $20 for individual items.  They have price breaks for bulk orders and are in the process of putting together gift baskets!  Wow!

Unique to Green Goddess Canna Confections:

Usually I say packaging is the most unique thing about Green Goddess but now it’s their gummie infusions (this is my second gummy review for Green Goddess)!  Most edible companies use THC distillate in their gummies but Green Goddess has found a way to use Honey Oil without sacrificing flavour!!  Amazing!!

Sour Buzz Bears Smell, Texture, Taste:

These were amazing!  Like the In-D-Couch worms, the honey oil was only slightly detectable but was well masked by overall flavour of the gummies!  The bears were sour but a little less so than the worms (good for me!) and I love the easy dosing size!  Texture wise there was no difference from these bears and ones you’d find in a candy store.

Sour Buzz Bears Effects:

Start Time: 1:00pm    

Starting to feel effects:1:45pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 2:00pm

Effect coming down: 4:30pm

Wow!  Round two with Green Goddess gummies went great! I like the amount of the “sour” component a little better with the bears than the worms but they were both great!!  I am very impressed with their infusions, they’ve managed to do a wonderful job working with honey oil! The effects were great… very full, lots of muscle relaxation, and they left very cleanly with no residual lethargy.


Taste:  90/100

Effects:  90/100

Looks & Packaging: 95 /100