Spirit Squares by Tribal Delights

Spirit Squares by Tribal Delights

Tribal Delights Overview:


Tribal Delights is an edible company producing some truly amazing chocolates and gummies.  They have already placed with The Karma Cup with their wonderful Thunder Bars and have a lot of people talking about their Rainbow Delight gummies!  Today we check out their Spirit Squares!!


Accessing Tribal Delights:

Get in touch with Tribal delight through their Instagram @tribaldelights or through their website at tribaldelights.ca  They are also running a ton of awareness campaigns with lots of edible giveaways!  Check their IG account for more information!

Tribal Delights Pricing & Selection:

Tribal Delights has both chocolates and gummies with prices starting around $10.  For a limited time first timers can use the promo code NEW to get a 30% discount

Unique to Tribal Delights

Tribal Delights uses all natural, high quality ingredients in their products and use full bud extractions in all their infusions.  They have a fantastic talent for blending and minimizing the cannabis flavour and creating some truly beautiful and delicious products!

Spirit Square Smell, Texture, Taste:

These were incredible!  I had a 150mg square that was a combination of white chocolate, dark chocolate and a softer center (a ganash perhaps?).  The chocolate was amazing, high quality Parisian chocolate infused with coconut oil.  There is an ever so slight hint of cannabis to these but it works well with the existing flavours!  The taste…. amazing, so smooth and good!  And did you see this chocolate?  Beautiful!!

Spirit Square Effects:

Start Time: 2:30pm    

Starting to feel effects: 3:15pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 3:30pm

Effect coming down: 6:00pm

Very impressed with these little squares!  The one I consumed was 150mg but I understand you can get these in a variety of potencies.  There was a lot of muscle relaxation, a little dry mouth and lots of pain relief.  Very nice!  And the effect lasted…. I felt them for a good 3-3.5 hours and when it was all over I didn’t feel tired or burnt out!  Highly Recommended!


Taste:  95/100

Effects:  92/100

Looks & Packaging: 95/100