Rainbow Delights by Tribal Delights Edible Review

Rainbow Delights by Tribal Delights


Tribal Delights Overview:

Tribal Delights is a new edible company producing some truly amazing chocolates and gummies.  They have already placed with The Karma Cup with their wonderful Thunder Bars and have people going wild over their spirit squares!  Today we are looking at their signature gummies, Rainbow Delights!

Accessing Tribal Delights:

Tribal Delights is still fairly new and they are in the process of setting up their social media but they do have a fantastic website at tribaldelights.ca

Tribal Delights Pricing & Selection:

Tribal Delights has both chocolates and gummies with prices starting around $10.  For a limited time first timers can use the promo code NEW to get a 30% discount

Unique to Tribal Delights

Tribal Delights uses all natural ingredients in their products and their gummie infusions use an alcohol tincture.  Using a tincture over a distillate lets you get a full spectrum of cannabinoids rather than just THC

Rainbow Delights Smell, Texture, Taste:

The Rainbow Delights were FANTASTIC!  They had a texture that was a little more firm than a gummy bear, more in line with a worm, and the taste was fantastic!  Tribal Delights sweetens and flavours their gummies using honey and real fruit juice and you can tell, they taste wonderful!  Smell wise, I picked up very little if any cannabis scent.

Rainbow Delights Effects:

Start Time: 1:30pm    

Starting to feel effects: 2:15pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 2:30pm

Effect coming down: 4:45pm

Wow!  Tribal Delights gummy game is just as tight as their chocolate game!  I was very impressed with my overall experience.  Typically gummies are infused with a distillate leading to a less intense experience with a shorter duration.  The Rainbow Delights however delivered that full bud extraction experience all the way.  This is a fantastic product for those struggling with pain, insomnia or low levels of anxiety.


Taste:  93/100

Effects:  90/100

Looks & Packaging: 95/100