High Society Supper Club - Summer Send off!

Hey Everybody!  If you haven't heard about the High Society Supper Club yet then you've got to watch this video!  High Society combines five star cuisine infused and paired with complimentary cannabis strains!  This is the third High Society event I've had the pleasure of attending and they keep getting better!

This was a 12 course infused tasting menu and featured a complimentary dab bar by Hamilton Vape Lounge and raffles from sponsors such as @thecannachocolatier and @buzzbasketz

What is very cool about High Society is that they don't just infuse with whatever, they take time to find strains with terpenes that compliment the natural flavours of the food and then pass that information on to the consumer.  The servers are fun, energetic and educational and the food is top notch!

On this evening, items were dosed in the 10mg - 50mg range and many of the infusions were part of the sauce so you could dial up or dial down depending on your tolerance (I chose to dial up... waaaay up!) and everything was prepared exquisitely... picture a tropical tapas menu.

High Society often partners with Khronic Kreations for their desserts and it is a pairing made in heaven!  KK has their infusions perfected and manage to pull off some extraordinary desserts (with extraordinary potencies!).

High Society Supper Club always has events going on in the Toronto / Hamilton area, do yourself a favour and check them out!!

Next Event - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/monster-mash-up-tickets-38212031214