Caramellow Chews by Green Goddess Canna Confections

Green Goddess Canna Confections – Caramellow Chews

Green Goddess Overview:

Green Goddess Canna Confections is a very new edible company on the Toronto scene!  They provide a variety of edibles from baked goods, to gummies to infused drink mixes!  Their menu is very impressive!


Accessing Green Goddess Canna Confections:

Connect with Green Goddess Canna Confections through their Instagram page @GreenGoddessCC or via email


Green Goddess Pricing & Selection:

The pricing at Green Goddess starts at $8 for sample packs and $15 - $20 for individual items.  They have price breaks for bulk orders and are in the process of putting together gift baskets!  Wow!


Unique to Green Goddess:

Packaging!  Green Goddess has commercial grade packaging and provides a ton of information on each item!  Everything looks like it could have been purchased from a boutique shop! 


Caramellow Chews Smell, Texture, Taste:

I had four Carmellow Chews (they come 10 to a box), they are 32mg each for a total of 128mg of THC.  Smell, taste and texture were all great!  These are infused with a cannabutter so there is a hint of it there but much like their cupcakes, it was so mild I had to search for it!  


Caramellow Chews Effects:

Start Time: 11:00am    

Starting to feel effects:11:45am

Effects strong feeling set in: 12:00am

Effect coming down: 2:30pm

This is the second product of tried from the Green Goddess company and I am very impressed!  The packaging, the product and the professionalism… it’s all there!  The Carmellow Chews are amazing and I love the fact they are in easy to dose sizes.  Highly recommended!


Taste:  95/100

Effects:  90/100

Looks & Packaging: 95 /100