The Canna Chocolatier - Fudgee-O & Milk / Chilli Lime White Chocolate

The Canna Chocolatier – Fudgee-O & Milk and Lime Chilli

The Canna Chocolatier Overview:

The Canna Chocolatier is a producer of artisan quality chocolates infused with THC distillate.  I first became aware of him through his Instagram account and was mesmerized by the look of his creations! Since my first review I have had his product several times and love the consistency!

Accessing Canna Chocolatier:

The Canna Chocolatier can be contacted through his Instagram page @thecannachocolatier or email  I have also been to a few functions like the High Society Supper Club where his chocolates were served and they are an optional accessory on

Canna Chocolatier Pricing & Selection:

Chocolates come in packs of two and four and prices vary on the product.  Generally filled are more expensive than solids and potency will have an effect as well.  It’s best to connect online for current pricing.

Unique to Canna Chocolatier

The Canna Chocolatier doses each piece of chocolate individually meaning he does not treat the THC distillate as a batch ingredient.  This ensures that each piece has the same consistent potency as the next.

Filled Chocolate Texture, Taste:

The Fudgee-O & Milk - This was a very good cream filled chocolate!!  It had a milk chocolate exterior and a creamy ganache filling that had little crunchy bits (I believe made from Fudgee-O cookies).  Much like the solid chocolate bites the quality of these were amazing!

Lime Chili White Chocolate - These were CRAZY!  I didn’t know what to think of these going in, I like my chocolate sweet not spicy!  Each piece had a beautiful graphic on it so I thought what the heck and popped it in my mouth!  It was awesome!  The lime and the white chocolate worked really well together and the chilli was more of an aftertaste of something exotic rather than something spicy!  Very cool!

Chocolate Effects:

Start Time: 2:00pm    

Starting to feel effects: 2:45pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 3:00pm

Effect coming down: 5:45pm

Very impressed again!  The last review I had three pieces, this time I went with two and it was perfect!  At 100mg it still had that “full bud extraction” feeling and I was still able to have a very productive day!  Again, I can’t say how great these chocolates taste!  If Godiva ever opened up a THC division I’m sure the Canna Chocolatier would be their first hire!


Taste:  95/100

Effects:  95/100

Looks & Packaging: 90/100