Halloween Cupcake from Khronik Kreations

Hey Everybody!!  I have a special edition Halloween review today!  This is a 200mg spooky Halloween cupcake from Kronik Kreations with a 50mg chocolate spiderweb on top!

Khronik Kreations is not your typical edible provider, they are caterers and event planners and are often part of the High Society Supper Club collective looking after the desserts.  The people at KK are huge fans of the full bud extraction so while their baked goods do have a cannabis smell and flavour to them, they'll also knock you for a loop if you're not careful!  Ha!!  Full bud is my favourite type of edible and is usually best for those dealing with pain, anxiety and sleep issues.

If you are interested in trying their products or attending one of their events the best way to get in the know is through social media.  Check them out at @kronikkreations