Hera 2 Vaporizer from VapeDynamics

The Hera 2 is a new high performance portable vaporizer from VapeDynamics that totally lives up to the hype!

VapeDynamics is a company that has been making big strides in the last couple of years.  There first few offerings were all very good... the original Hera and Laguna come to mind, this was followed by The Duo which was the first portable dry herb vaporizer to feature a native 510 thread port that could essentially turn it into a portable enail.

The Hera 2 is another BIG step forward!!  This is a very stylish portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizer that features a touch screen display!  The Hera 2 features a unique double chamber that allows for both big loads and smalls and promotes even heating through via a centre divider.  We also have a removable battery and the ability to consume concentrates.  

The concentrate situation is interesting.  Many dry herb vaporizers make use of a concentrate cup that drops into the dry herb chamber.  On first inspection the Hera 2 would appear quite similar, but the difference comes in the heating.  Most other dry herb vapes max out at a top temperature of around 450, a little low for concentrates.  The Hera 2 however has it's own concentrate setting that pushes past that to deliver perfect draws every time.

The build on the Hera 2 is very nice.  It's durable, made of quality parts and has an easy to read display.  There is a row of LED's on the side that show you when your unit has come to temperature and that is reinforced with a nice little heptic buzz.

In all, I am very impressed with the Hera 2.  It delivers great flavour, strong clouds and the concentrate function is great if you're someone who like to mix it up.

For more information on the Hera 2 or to get one of your very own go HERE!