Thunder Bars by Tribal Delights

Thunder Bars by Tribal Delights

Tribal Delights Overview:

Tribal Delights is a new edible company producing some truly amazing chocolates and gummies.  They have already placed with The Karma Cup with their wonderful Thunder Bars and have people going wild over their spirit squares!

Accessing Tribal Delights:

Tribal Delights is still fairly new and they are in the process of setting up their social media but they do have a fantastic website at

Tribal Delights Pricing & Selection:

Tribal Delights has both chocolates and gummies with prices starting around $10.  For a limited time first timers can use the promo code NEW to get a 30% discount

Unique to Tribal Delights

Tribal Delights make their chocolates using unrefined coconut oil which has a few benefits such as better absorption and a nice hint of coconut flavour!  I also want to point out their packaging.  Much like CannaBiscotti, Tribal Delights is leading the way on proper commercial grade packaging for cannabis products.  Great job!

Thunder Bars Smell, Texture, Taste:

These were great chocolates!  I had Dark, Milk and White and all three were top notch!  The texture was super smooth and creamy with just a hint of coconut and cannabis on the aftertaste.  I was really surprised at the lack of cannabis smell coming from these!

Thunder Bar Effects:

Start Time: 2:30pm    

Starting to feel effects: 3:15pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 3:30pm

Effect coming down: 5:45pm

I had 200mg.  50mg of Milk, 50mg of White and 100mg of Dark and felt every freakin’ milligram!  These are very robust edibles and I found myself in a near couchlock in about an hour.  The effects lasted a good 3.5 - 4 hours and left me feeling great!  I can see these being really helpful to anyone dealing with chronic pain, sleep issues or anxiety.


Taste:  95/100

Effects:  95/100

Looks & Packaging: 98/100