Ganja Gummies by Mary J's Munchies

Mary J’s Munchies - Ganja Gummies

Mary J’s Munchies Overview:

Mary J’s Munchies is a fantastic Toronto area edible company!  The have a wide array of products ranging from classic two bite brownies to infused milkshakes (both of which we have reviewed here).

Accessing Mary J’s Munchies:

Mary J’s can be reached through instagram at @maryjsmunchies905 or at one of their may events they throw at Planet Paradise Vapor Lounge.

Mary J’s Munchies Pricing & Selection:



Mary J’s is all about the deals!  Most things can be had for $5 - $10 per piece but things get really fun when you double or triple up!  Big discounts for bulk purchases!

Unique to Mary J’s Munchies



The parties!  Mary J’s likes to throw customer appreciation parties fairly frequently and are always giving out the gift bags and providing free edibles!

Ganja Gummies Smell, Texture, Taste:


These gummies were great!  I am assuming they were infused with a THC distillate as there was no cannabis smell or flavour and the experience was pretty heady.  Everything about these gummies were commercial grade.  if it wasn’t for the pot leaf shape you’d think you just picked them up from Sugar Mountain.

Ganja Gummies Effects:


Start Time: 2:30pm    

Starting to feel effects: 3:15pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 3:30pm

Effect coming down: 5:00pm

These Ganja Gummies are really nice daytime edibles!  I am going to assume these were infused with a THC distillate and they felt as such, very heady, no couch lock, great buzz and able to get stuff done!!  I’d still like to see more info on the packaging but when it comes to the edibles, Mary J’s is FANTASTIC!




Taste:  90/100


Effects:  90/100

Looks & Packaging: 75/100