Pulsar Flow Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  Today we are looking at the Pulsar Flow vaporizer and this is one that you're going to want to keep an eye on!!

Pulsar is a great company that has made a name producing nice, budget friendly vaporizers.  The APX is probably their most well known device, it was a sweet little portable with a ceramic chamber that heated up in 40 seconds and cost $70.  For my money it was one of the best entry level vaporizers to come out in the past couple of years.

Enter the Flow.  My first impression was that this was Pulsar's attempt at getting into the premium vaporizer category, then I found out it will retail for $99!  Seriously, when I saw that I thought it was a typo.

The flow is very well built, has good weight and preforms wonderfully!  The unit itself has a unique tear drop design that feels great in the hand.  The design is minimalist with just one button and a row of five LED's to indicate temperature settings.  Design wise the Flow is similar to the Firefly with it's magnetic top plate, chamber position and air path.  Unlike the Firefly however, this is a session style vape rather than an on demand one and for a guy like me with a higher tolerance, that's what I prefer!  The chamber is quartz lined and heats up in an amazing 40 seconds!

Performance wise, the Flow is a beast!  I was getting huge clouds from setting number three, the draw resistance was fantastic and both the flavour of the vaporizer and the temperature of it was spot on!!  Really great work!!

I really can't get over how good this vape feels and preforms!  The majority of the vapes I review are in that $100 - $150 category and this blows them all away

For more information or to get one of your very own, head over to pulsarvaporizers.com and use the promo code "kushbury15" for free shipping and a 15% savings!!