Infused Pink Lemonade from The Baker's Shop

The Baker’s Oven / The Bakers Shop – Infused Pink Lemonade

The Baker’s Oven / Shop Overview:

The Baker’s Oven / Shop is becoming a staple in the Toronto edible scene. They produce a variety of infused goodies from baking (check out the salted Carmel brownie review) to drinks, like the Pink Lemonade we are looking at today!

Accessing The Baker’s Oven / Shop:

The Baker’s Oven is quite active in Toronto’s pop up community and are at every Green Market and they participate in every major cannabis event in the city. I’ve found their products in select dispensaries and online. The best way to find out their full menu and where they can be found is by accessing their social media page @bakersshop420

The Baker’s Oven Pricing & Selection:

Most of their offerings start at the $7 - $10 dollar range and typically feature 100+mg of THC and some new products with CBD. The selection is quite vast… typical baked good offerings such as cookies, brownies and blondies to new school infusions Lemonade and THC cocktail mixers!

Unique to The Baker’s Oven / Shop:

Packaging!! The Baker’s Oven have done a wonderful job with the information on their packaging! The type of infusion, mg’s, warnings, contact and ingredients are all present and accounted for.

Pink Lemonade Smell, Texture, Taste:

This was totally as advertised.... Pink Lemonade.  Since this was infused with a THC distillate there was zero cannabis smell or flavour.  

Pink Lemonade Effects:

Start Time: 9:00am

Starting to feel effects: 9:20am

Effects strong feeling set in: 9:30am

Effect coming down: 11:30am

This was a nice little daytime pickmeup!  For most people 80mg will be strong so if you are new to edibles stick with half a pack for 40mg.  I have a fairly high tolerance so the 80mg was just right for the day!


Taste: 95/100

Effects: 85/100

Looks & Packaging: 90 /100