Vapomix Vaporizer by Fumy Tech

Hey Everybody!!  Today we are looking at the Vapomix and if discretion and smell is your number one priority (after getting high) then this is a vaporizer you're going to want to consider!!

The Vapomix calls itself a 2-in-1 but unlike other two in ones where you switch between different modes, like dry herb and e-cig, this COMBINES the two vapors!  That's right!  You can vape, and vape and vape and the only thing you're going to smell is the fragrance of the e-juice!  For me, that was marshmallows!

So let's break it down.... the Vapomix is a fairly large vape that resembles the Mighty.  The dry herb side of the equation features a large ceramic chamber for conduction vaporizing.  It's easy to load and in my experience I did not find any hot spots or charing.  There are five preprogrammed temperatures to choose from, all in Celsius.  Most vapes are in Fahrenheit but this isn't really a big deal.

The e-cig side of things check out (full disclosure - I am not an e-cig guy so take it with a grain of salt).  The e-juice canisters / atomizers are of good quality and it produces tasty vaporizer that doesn't taste burnt.  What I like is one temp setting so it's easy for beginners to jump right in.

While you can use each side separately, the device really preforms when you use both functions AT THE SAME TIME!!  Load your herb, pick your temp and hold the fire button when you draw and you get cannabis vaporizer combined with e-juice!

Why is this good?  If you like to vaporize dry herbs but are worried about smell and discretion, the Vapomix has you covered!  I had mine loaded with some crazy stinky Kosher Kush and the only thing I smelled after my session was marshmallows.  Just about the only downside I found with this vape was that it did not come with batteries included (it takes 2 x 18650).

For more information on the Vapomix check out Fumy Tech's website HERE