Madagascar Bar by York's Edibles

York’s Edibles - Madagascar Bar

York’s Edibles Overview:

I became aware of York’s Edibles at the 2017 Karma Cup and was very impressed with their selection of infused goods.  York’s uses several different infusion techniques from butter to distillate and they even have a Snow Cone machine for events!  I almost didn’t pick up the Madagascar Bar due to it’s crazy colours but when I saw it was 205mg I couldn't pass it up!

Accessing York’s Edibles Canada:

York’s Edibles participates in many of the Toronto Canna Pop Ups and also does mail order.  Please connect with them through their website for more information

York’s Edibles Pricing & Selection:

York’s have a variety of high end edibles all starting in the $10 - $15 range.

Unique to York’s Edibles

The Snow Cone Machine!  Seriously, this is a must have for your next pool party!  Oh, and the crazy cartoon colours of the Madagascar Bar!

York’s Edibles Madagascar Bar  Smell Texture, Taste:

This was the biggest surprise…. I really didn’t know what to expect, I mean the Madagascar Bar has a base of BLUE CAKE and a topping of crushed Oreo.  The flavour was very good!  The cake had a light but firm texture and it wasn’t too sweet, like it’s sweetened with honey or something and the Oreo’s gave a nice Cookie’s n Cream effect!  And although this was 250mg I did not find the cannabis smell or flavour to be overwhelming.

Madagascar Bar Effects:

Start Time: 2:00pm    

Starting to feel effects: 2:45pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 3:00pm

Effect coming down: 5:30pm

Really impressed with the Madagascar Bar!  Yeah, it looks crazy but it really works!  250mg is a lot so this is an edible best suited to those who have some experience and even then it’s a night time recommend for me.  Very good for pain, anxiety and sleep issues!


Taste:  90/100

Effects:  95/100

Looks & Packaging: 90/100