Cookies from So Baked Goods and Foods

So Baked Goods & Foods – Chocolate & Vanilla Cookies

So Baked Goods & Foods Overview:

I met the people of So Baked at the Mary J’s Munchies 3500 follower party and have seen them at a few pop up shops since.  For me their stand out product are their soft baked cookies, they are out of this world!


Accessing So Baked Goods & Foods:

So Baked Goods can be found at many of the canna related events in Toronto but the best way to find out how to get their products is by contacting them directly through social media @sobakedgoodsandfoods and email


So Baked Goods & Foods Pricing & Selection:


Most of the products from So Baked Goods and Foods can be had for $12 a piece / 2 for $20


Unique to So Baked Goods & Foods:


So Baked is a firm believer that full bud is the way to go!  All of their products are infused either with cannabutter or coconut oil that comes from full cannabis bud.  So Baked has proven that if you do it right you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for effects.


Chocolate Reeses Pieces & Vanilla Sprinkle Cookies Smell, Texture, Taste:


These cookies were just as good as the first ones I had from So Baked!  The texture was that same super chewy, super moist cookie that I love and the flavour was amazing!  The chocolate in the Reeses Pieces cookie did a fantastic job of masking the cannabis flavor!


Chocolate & Vanilla Cookies Effects:


Start Time: 1:00pm    

Starting to feel effects: 1:45pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 2:10pm

Effects coming down: 5:30pm

Second time around and I am just as impressed!  The effects of these cookies are perfect; a nice gentle come on, lots of muscle relaxation and just a bit of dry mouth!  I really like the fact that these are dosed at 50mg per piece because that means you can eat two (or three) without messing up your day!  And So Baked also upped their packaging game by adding a ton of information to each package!  Nice work!  Highly recommended!


Taste:  95/100

Effects:  95/100

Looks & Packaging: 90 /100