The Grail (Peace Naturals Project) Marijuana Strain Review

The Grail is a very nice indica that adds up more to the sum of its parts meaning that even at just a little over 15% THC The Grail still packs a punch!!  The good first impressions started the second I took the cap and safety seal off the jar!  Mid to large size buds, very dense with not a whole lot of give when you squeeze them... awesome!  Moisture content is bang on too as there wasn't any crispy or powdery bits to be found.

In the smell department The Grail hits the fine notes of a strong indica with its earthy pine base but what was a little surprising as it's more of a sativa smell... was the lemon!  So good!  Taken through a vaporizer, The Grail is super smooth with very little irritation going down.  And the effects.... well like I said above, more than the sum of its parts.  And a big round of applause to Peace Naturals for making the complete terpene profiles available to registered users.

For more information The Grail peace visit Peace Naturals website HERE!

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