Warwick #2 Marijuana Strain Review (Aurora Cannabis)

Hey Everybody!  I'm back with a powerful sativa hybrid to review from Aurora Cannabis... Warwick #2!  Warwick #2 is a cross between K-OG (Captain Krypt) and Chemdawg '91.  For me, Chemdawg is the labrador retriever of the marijuana world... great, stable genetics that is a complimentary cross to just about anything!

This Warwick #2 is a funny one... it's not a pretty strain to look at and the buds I received were small, roughly manicured and rather unimpressive... If I was judging this on appearance alone I may have skipped over this one.  However, once in action... or in this case a vaporizer.... Warwick #2 delivers, BIG TIME!  It tastes great,  the effects are amazing and come on rather quickly as it tested at 32% THC.  This is cannabis for the experienced user!  In fact, I found the onset of this potent strain to be a little rushy, something common with sativas, but it mellowed out quite quickly and settled into a nice, energetic and focused experience.

For more information on Warwick #2 please visit Aurora Cannabis's website HERE!

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