Astral Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  Got a very sweet vape in the mail last week and that's the Astral by Vapeur!  At first blush, the Astral comes off as a Pax clone with its slick iThing design and glowing centre insignia.  Once you get into it however, you'll see that the Astral is a vaporizer deserving of standing on its own merits!

The oven is located directly below the mouthpiece and it is made of surgical grade stainless steel and the mouth piece features a "screenless" design that is supposed to limit clogging while keeping debris from being sucked up.

The power button is located on the bottom and by holding it down for three seconds you will turn the unit on. Clicking the same button three times will take you through the three preset temperatures.  I find setting number two to be the best!

I really do like this vape for its slick design and great performance - the taste and vapor quality is top notch for its price point!  At $120 this is a fantastic entry level vape or secondary portable to consider.  I really dig how simple it is to use as well.... just one button!  The only real con I have with the Astral is that the design is so close to the Pax that people may dismiss it as a clone which would be a huge mistake.... the Astral is the real deal!

For more information on the Astral, visit Vapeur's website HERE!

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