Cupid Marijuana Strain Review (Peace Naturals Project)

The second offering from Peace Naturals is very impressive!  Have to say that I am a fan of this LP so far as all of the medicine I've received I give high marks to for grow quality, curing and manicuring.   Peace Naturals knows what they are doing!

Cupid is quite nice and has a sweet, slightly citrusy smell to it... maybe even a hint of vanilla.  If I were a guessing man I place this somewhere in the neighbourhood of GSC (Peace Naturals does not share their genetics publicly) and I found that it was quite helpful in the pain - depression - anxiety realm with an honourable mention when it comes to insomnia.

I think this strain is a winner for both newbies and vets.  The newbies will find this a potent yet easy to draw strain that is best suited for evening while the more experienced user may find this scratches more of a daytime itch.

For more information on Cupid please visit Peace Naturals website HERE!

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