Titanic 2 Vaporizer Review

Wow... it's been a crazy few weeks at Kushbury HQ!  Puri5 has been slowly unveiling their 2016 line of portable vapes and I've been gobbling them up as fast as they're released!  The crown jewel of this collection is the Titanic 2!

The Titanic 2 may look familiar to some people as it shares some of the stylings of the Crafty and CFX vaporizers and it also shares the boast of "hot air convection heating".  Most portable vaporizers are conduction based, this means the material needs to be in contact with the outer edges of the bowl in order to vape.  This also means that when the user is not drawing the material is still being vaporized.  Convection vapes usually employ a system where the air is heated before passing through the material so that it is the hot air that is doing the vaporization rather than the contact with a hot surface.  Convection vapes tend to produce much cleaner flavour and fuller extraction though they have been somewhat of a unicorn in the world of portable vapes.... many claim it but so very few actually provide it.  In the video I did a side by side comparison of the Titanic 2 alongside its conduction predecessor the Titanic and what I saw impressed me!  While there was evidence of some conduction vaping going on, it's quite apparent that it's the hot air doing most of the extraction.

Another thing to point out is the dual vape mode.  If you're the type of vapper that takes long, deep draws one after another the Titanic 2 features and "enhanced" mode that powers up a few extra sensors and keeps your bowl from cooling off between hits.  Yes it uses a little more juice and I suspect it dials up the conduction some but the end result is pure vapor gold!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the Titanic 2 is the tops when it comes to the last three units released by Puri5.  This thing is a flavour monster that produces some of the best tasting, coolest vapor I've ever had from a portable!  I am so impressed both with this vape and Puri5's ability to find top preforming vapes!  Great job!!   

To get your own Titanic 2 go HERE!