Romulan Marijuana Strain Review

Greetings all!  Time we take a look at one of my protocol mainstays, Romulan!  I am a big fan of this strain due to its wonderful sedating effects and mood elevating properties.  This is a fantastic indica for those who may be suffering depression, chronic pain, insomnia or anxiety, I'm four for four on that list and a session with Romulan effectively deals with all points.

Flavour wise, this is a tasty and earthy strain... nothing too offensive coming off this one.  Typically this is a stronger strain and can hit hard so I will recommend it for more experienced users.

And I have to say the Vapexhale is now apart of my protocol too!  If you haven't tried one yet do your self a favour and seek one out!  They are the best!  Check out my full review HERE!