Pink Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Pink Kush has got to be one of my favourite strains.... doesn't matter which LP I get it from, it always delivers that same, consistent relief!  I find Pink Kush is very helpful with stress, depression, pain and insomnia but it really takes the anxiety down a few notches as well!  Typically considered an evening strain due to it's strong indica linage, Pink Kush delivers a sweet vanilla-y flavour and smooth draws.

I usually find the effects of Pink Kush come on strong but are not overwhelming, a gentle onset is probably the best way to put it and they tend to last 1.5 - 2hrs if vaporized / smoked.  This strain is great for anyone with the above listed symptoms but I would caution new or inexperienced users to seek out something below 20% THC our you might just end up sleeping your medicine away!

And what did you think of the Vapexhale Cloud Evo?  I am seriously loving it!  Such awesome power and flavour, it can't be beat!  To find out more check out my full review HERE or if your already sold and just want to get one for your self, go HERE!