Puri5 Aviator 2 Vaporizer Review

The good times keep coming from Puri5 as I received my second vaporizer from them in a month! This time it is the Aviator 2!  The original Aviator was a nifty little device, very small and pocketable, created great clouds but had a few quirks that could be improved upon... the Aviator 2 makes those improvements, and then some!

While the unit itself retains the same shape and size of the original, the Aviator 2 now sports a glass mouthpiece, ceramic bowl and mini usb charging port!  And something that surprised the heck out of me was the size of the cloud I was getting!  This created some serous volume, very impressed!!

The other great thing about this vaporizer is the price point, apparently it will be selling for $100!!  So while this isn't a premium vape like the Pax or the Prima, for the money spent you can't do much better!  This is even a really great option for those who already have a high end option who may want to have a strictly on-the-go vape without sacrificing flavour or performance.

For more information on the Aviator 2 check out Puri5's website HERE!