Kusawa by Aphria

Aphria is in the process of releasing a few new high THC strains and for my Kusawa is the first of the bunch!  Kusawa is a sativa dominant strain that is said to be good for depression, fatigue and appetite.  I am normally not a sativa guy but since I have a few indcas kicking around to counteract any sativa rushiness with I'll give Kusawa a spin.

Like most Aphria products, while well grown, Kusawa is unforgivably dry.  At this point in the grow game, there should be no excuse for sending out such a bone dry product.  It is such a shame because the marijuana itself is so good and then they just dry it until it crumbles to a powder.  I'm really sorry to go off like that but it needed to be said.

On to the positives.... like I said above, very well grown!  The trichomes looked great under magnification, bud formation was tight and the flavour quite good!  When I vaped it up, the Kusawa started off with very minimal plumes but they grew over the session as the temperature went up.  And the effects, while a little rushy (ahem, sativa) were quite nice.

For the most part, a good experience!  

For more information on Kusawa, please visit Aphria's website HERE!

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