Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Review

Hello all!  Back again with another look at Girl Scout Cookies!  We visited this strain a while back under the name Tamaracouta (Canadian producers have a thing about renaming strains), well today we are looking at this fine bud in its classic form.

I'm a big fan of GSC as it is a very well balanced hybrid.  The buds are nice and tight and the effects are always spot on for a good daytime medication session.  I use this strain for anxiety and depression and I find it helps me to focus on tasks as well!  Pick up some Girl Scout Cookies today from your totally legal source yo.

And the vaporizer we use in today's review is the Guru by Grizzly Originals.  If you haven't seen my full review on this unit check it out HERE!  The Guru is a game changer!!