Vapor Brothers VB11 Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  Just spent the last week playing with the VB11 wax pen from Vapor Brothers!  I'll be the first to admit I am no pro when it comes to concentrates or concentrate vaporizers but the VB11 was a fine introduction!  

The VB11 is a very well made device that doesn't just look and feel awesome... it preforms that way too!!  I received the optional Mini Viper Heater as well and while the stock stem is more than fine, I absolutely LOVE the MVH!  Another great thing about this pen is the free flowing airflow that comes from a simple hole in the side of the chamber.  This hole can either let air pass through freely or when you cover it with your finger or thumb it acts as a carb letting your hit build up to milky proportions!

Something else to consider... Vape Brothers have been doing their thing for quite some time now and they've got it dialed in when it comes to quality and performance.  And they are not afraid to put their money where there mouth is with a full 90 day warranty with the ability to upgrade to a full lifetime warranty (coils being the only exception).

My verdict... VB11 Rocks!  It's super easy to use, built to last and it doesn't break the bank!  Get yours HERE!