Puri5 Deja Vu Vaporizer Review

I have a brand new vape to add to my collection and this one is going to be a head turner!  This is the Puri5 Deja Vu and it is really something special!  This vape is brought to us from Puri5, I'm a big fan of this company as they have a real knack for sourcing some fantastic vaporizers and the Deja vu is no exception... in fact, I will go so far as to say this has been the BEST offering from Puri5 to date!

The Deja Vu (also known as the Ecapple in some circles) is a dry herb vaproizer that is styled after a mid sized box mod.  It's super slick and has and all metal exterior and chrome plates on the top and bottom.  Another great thing about the Deja Vu is the removable rechargeable 18650 battery!  A battery that can be removed and replaced by the user can adds years to a portables lifespan!  This unit also has a few adjustable features such as heat up time, Fahrenheit / Celsius converter and session time.  The session time feature is outstanding - it lets the user adjust when the auto shut off will kick in (between 3 and 9 minutes) and it is one of my favorite features of this device!

The Deja Vu doesn't just look good, it preforms too!  The large ceramic bowl, isolated airpath  and glass mouthpiece really let the flavour of your material shine!  I have to admit, when I first saw the size of the watertool that came with the Deja Vu I was pretty skeptical about what if any effect it would have on the vapor.  What I found was that this little bubbler was small but mighty!  When incorporated into the set up it allowed for much longer and deeper draws which in turn helps the user get down to business a little quicker!

Bottom line - buy this vape.  It's as good or better than the Pax 2 and Arizer Air and for a few bucks cheaper to boot!  Deja Vu rocks!

To pick up a Deja Vu of your own go HERE!