The Guru Vaporizer by Grizzly Originals


Hey Everybody!!  I have a pretty innovative new vaporizer to share with you today and it's not the first time we've talked about it... The Guru by Grizzly Originals!  You may recall that this vape was prototyped about a year ago and I wrote about it HERE!  It's been very interesting to see this vape go from idea to proof of concept to reality.

My first impression of The Guru is that is a sturdy unit with some good weight to it and it appears to be made with quality in mind. The Guru is not a small unit so I would think this is a more around the house / friends house vape like the Solo rather than sneak-a-hit or pocket sized portable like the Pax2 or Grasshopper.

The modular design is pretty innovative I think, using the base battery to power the different heads / attachments kind of like a box mod. The idea being this will be a true multipurpose vaporizer rather than a dry herb vape that is so-so with concentrates or a concentrate vape that combusts herb.  

The display is big and easy to read. The bowl is interesting as the ceramic continues past the chamber around the edges, I am assuming this will make it easier to wipe clean. The bowl itself is deep and I’d say you can get a solid .3 in there if not a little more. The mouthpiece is really neat, all glass and it’s designed like a dome and my guess is it is acting like a cooling chamber as I found the vapor to be very smooth! The chamber is under the mouthpiece and the glass mouthpiece fits snugly into place with a well fit o-ring.

The function of The Guru is great once you get the hang of it. Turn it on by pressing the power button three times, adjust the temperature to where you want it and then hold the power button five seconds to get the unit to heat up… which it does relatively quickly!
On to the vapor! I used a medium grind lightly packed and started at 385 for four or five draws. Draw resistance was nice, looser than the Air not as whispy as the Flowermate so a good, strong draw. Flavour is very good, on par or even a hair better than the Solo / Air. Very impressed! The optional water tool works great, so great that I thought I wasn't getting any vapor until I exhaled a cloud that would make Cheech and Chong blush.

You can also pack this with unground nugs (small nugs) negating the need for a grinder when on the go!  Makes this super convenient (thanks to Smutman on FC for the tip!).

The Concentrate and e-juice modes work just like a box mod with the user holding down the button when they draw (to apply heat) and releasing when they stop (to disengage heat).

The only real con I see so far is that the size of the unit may get some people down, this is not a stealthy pocket vape, but if you are licenced or in a legal state that may not be an issue. I’m a big guy with big hands and I can even be a bit clumsy sometimes so I like a sturdy unit with some weight to it. It will be interesting to see how the modular design holds up over time but all joints look nice and tight so far. 

I’m getting about six to eight bowls per charge with the dry herb attachment and have yet to run out of juice during concentrate sessions.

I am really digging the modular design and I think that this is really the first true three in one vaporizer out there that lets you enjoy your products the way they were meant to be enjoyed!  I highly recommend the Guru vaporizer!!

For more information on The Guru vaporizer click HERE for CANADA and click HERE for USA!  It let's the manufacturer know you saw this video and and found the information within helpful.