Odin Vaporizer Review

Hey everybody!  The Odin is a vaporizer that kind of came out of left field.  It's the first offering from Top Bond and if you spend any time on message boards you've most certainly heard about it as it has garnered sort of a grassroots swell of interest as an entry level vape. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one just as they were rolling out (thanks Mike!) and have finally been able to give a proper review.  The joy of the Odin is in its simplicity...  Power button, + & -, bold digital display, the whole thing looks like a portable hard drive or power bank.  There's a neat little storage compartment in the base for a glass mouthpiece and an isolated airpath leading to a ceramic chamber.  And heat up time?  Odin BLAZES up to temp in under a minute and a sweet little hepatic buzz is your reward!  It's easy to see why this is becoming an often recommended vape

For more information check out Top Bond's website HERE!