Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  The vape on the review block today is not new to the market but it is new to me, the Atmos Jump!  Atmos is an interesting company as they are essentially an importer / distributer which means the products that  have their name on them are usually developed by a third party.  Due to this, Atmos products tend to be hit and miss, the Jump however, is one of those hits!

The Jump is a rebranded original IMAG which is a very good thing as the IMAG (and later IMAG+) is still one of the more popular entry level vaporizers on the market.  What makes this vape so good is the combination of ease of use and build quality.  With just one button and one preset temperature you really have to go out of your way to not have a good time with the Jump.

With a nice size chamber and a 4 minute auto shut off there is not a whole lot not to like about the Jump!  If you'd like more information or would like to get one of your very own then check out the product page HERE!