APX Vaporizer Review

Have you heard of the APX vaporizer?  I hadn't until last week and I don't know how I missed this one!  The APX is a value priced entry level vape with some serious high level performance!  Don't get me wrong, this isn't on the same level as a Pax 3 or Mighty but when looking at the under $150 landscape, the APX is a contender in a big way!

When you take the APX out of the box you'll immediately notice it's small size and light weight.  Size wise it's very comparable to the Pax 2 and fits nicely in the hand.  I said the APX was light and it is surprisingly so, so light that one of my only concerns about this vaporizer is the overall long term durability of the device.  That said, it does have a sturdy aluminium outer casing and it's chamber is made from ceramic so my longevity concern is likely moot.

I received the APX from a company called Medical Cannabis Accessories and if you are in Canada I highly recommend you check them out!  You can check out their full website HERE!