Puri5 Magnum 2 Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  Got my hands on the Magnum 2 from Puri5 this week and I am impressed!  This is the successor of sorts to the Magnum, a conduction pen style vaporizer released by Puri5 around a year and a half ago.  The Magnum 2 keeps the slick cigar style design but now features to the degree temperature control and a removable and replaceable battery!

The Magnum 2 is an updated rebrand of the popular Focusvape, which means it comes from the exact same factory and is made with the exact same parts... plus a few upgrades!  One of those upgrades is an improved heat module that gets you to temperature in well under a minute.  There is also an optional water tool that now features a snug fitting attachment that eliminates the balancing act sometimes needed with the Focusvape Pro water tool.

In terms of vapor, the Magnum 2 preforms!  A ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece provide great taste and the temperature control lets the user make adjustments to get their perfect draw!  Very nice!

Improvements?  The only thing that really stands out is it's size with the water tool attached... it makes it pretty big but I suspect most people will leave the glass at home.  
For more information or to get your own Magnum 2 got HERE!