Torch Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  Got my hands on the second vaporizer from new kid on the block Top Bond!  This time we are looking at a classic cigar style design similar to the IMAG or XMax V2 with the big difference being size... the Torch cuts about an inch off of the overall length compared to those two.  The outer shell is a durable anodized steel with a silicone or plastic mouthpiece and a ceramic chamber.  Temperature wise we're looking at seven presets which gives you a ton of options and this vape is super easy to use.

My only gripe with the Torch is how hot the area around the oven gets, especially in back to back sessions.  Other than that (and a removable battery would be nice... people, it's 2016... er, 17!!) this is a great portable!

For more information or to get one of your very own, check out TopBond's website HERE!