K-Vape Micro DX Vaporizer Review

I've received another vaporizer from MedicalCannabisAccessories.com this time it is the K-Vape Micro DX by Kandy Pens.   This is another good entry level vape that gives the user to-the-degree temperature control and above average vapor production in a sleek and stylish pocket friendly design.  Although it does not have a replaceable battery it does have a lifetime warranty on the battery which is a passable solution.

The outer shell is plastic and the unit itself is very light but I do dig the no-slip rubber coating.  Use is crazy easy... pack your bowl, turn on with five clicks and set your temperature!  That's it!  The chamber of this unit is stainless steel which has its pros and cons.  The pros... stainless steel heats up fast!  Like 30 seconds fast!  The downside, over time you may find that your flavour is compromised slightly due to oxidization.  

For more information on the K-Vape please checkout Medical Cannabis Accessories website HERE!