VapeDynamics IO Concentrate Vaporizer Review

To complete my recent trifecta of Vape Dynamics products I have for you the IO concentrate pen!  This is a sturdy little device that will put a smile on any concentrate users face!  Let's face it, when it comes to single temperature waxpens there's not a lot of moving parts so it becomes more about quality of parts and ease of use and the IO scores super high in both of those areas!

The IO is built for long life with its steel construction, enamel finish and its precision made joints, not to mention the ceramic coil where all the magic happens!  Using the IO is simple.... 5 clicks on and then hold the button down to draw!  And what a draw it is.... super smooth and never hot, this is likely due in part to the extra airflow holes in the atomizer tube.

For more information on the IO or to pick one up for yourself check out VapeDynamics website HERE!