Adventurer Vaporizer Review

Hi All!  I received my second vape from iFocusVaporizers and this one is named The Adventurer!  I LOVE a good adventure so this vaporizer should be right up my ally!   The Adventurer boasts a built in retractable water tool and is predominantly a conduction style vape.  I say predominantly as it does come with an herb basket that claims to add a bit of convection into the mix.  I personally found the vape more satisfying in conduction mode but the flavour certainly jumped a few points with the basket!

First impressions.... based on appearances I thought this was going to be another takeoff of the Flowermate line with a gimmicky water tool thrown in.  That couldn't have been further from the truth as looks are about the only thing The Adventurer has in common with the Flowermate!  The differences are what make this unit shine!  A huge bottom loading chamber, all glass vapor path (with or without water) and a super discrete look that make it appear as a boxmod, The Adventurer is a step above.

Initially I was a little overwhelmed opening the box because there were a lot of parts, but once assembled (easily assembled I should add) this vape couldn't be simpler!  Three clicks to turn on, + and - buttons for temp, 5 minute auto off and a vibration feature to let you know when it's warm and about to go off.   Throw in a removable rechargeable battery and you'd good to go!

For more information on The Adventurer please check out iFocusVaporizer's website HERE!