Jocelyn Medical Marijuana Strain Review

I am really starting to dig the product line at Peace Naturals Project.  While their naming convention takes a bit to get used to, Peace does provide amazing product descriptions and full terpene profiles to registered patients so you always know what you are going to get.

Jocelyn is a sativa dominant hybrid with nice mid-sized buds covered with small, frosty trichomes.  To me this was not a typical cannabis strain as it seemed to have a few characteristics out of the norm such as the aforementioned smaller trichomes.  One might assume that smaller tri's mean a less mature plant but under magnification everything looked well developed and contained the right amount of cloudiness so I will chalk that up to genetics with this one.  I also fount the buds themselves to be somewhat airy but that is a feature that can be found in many sativas as they tend to grow outward rather than in density.

Very good taste and very good effects, this is a nice, non rushy sativa that I can see having a place in most patients protocol as a daytimer or even early evening as it had some great mood enhancing effects as well.

For more information on the Jocelyn please visit Peace Naturals website HERE!

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