VapeDynamics Laguna Vaporizer Review

Hi Folks!!

Got another great vaporizer from Vape Dynamics!  This time it is the Laguna and I am pretty impressed!  The Laguna is based off of the Imag+ design and is a cylindrical cigar shaped portable... for on the go this is my very favorite kind of style!  Other vapes in this category would be the X Max, The Magnum and The Focus Vape.

Right off the top, the main thing I love about the Laguna is it's vapor production!  This thing is a beast!  I say it in the review and I'll say it again here, if you are someone coming over to vaporization from the land of combustion, this will be a vape that satisfies!  Nothing whispy going on over here, just nice, smooth thick vapor!!

The only real con on this device is it's short session time.... the auto off kicks in after just three minutes where I think five would be more satisfying.  It would also be nice to have a removable battery but I say that about all portables!

If you are looking for a well made vaporizer that produces thick tasty vapor AND is easy on the pocketbook then the Laguna is right up your ally!!

To find out more please check out VapeDynamics website HERE!

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