VapeDynamics VNail Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!!  Just got back from an exciting trip to California and what do I find?  A box of goodies from the folks at VapeDynamics!!  One of the most interesting things received was the VapeDynamics VNail!  This is a portable enail device that works with any battery with 510 threading!  It's rated for up to 1000 degrees and it reaches temperature in less than 10 seconds!

I used mine in conjunction with the VapeDynamics Duo and had it cooking at about 500 degrees for awesome effects!  To see my full Duo review, please go HERE!

Although I am more of a flower guy, I can totally see myself grabbing for the Duo / VNail combo when the concentrate urge hits!!  It's a well made device, produces fantastic, super smooth hits and is super easy to use.  Even though this is billed as a portable enail I see no issue in this being someones goto home device as well.... it works that well!

For more information on the the VapeDynamics VNail, please check out the VapeDynamics website HERE!