Savary (Pink Kush) by Broken Coast Cannabis

Got my hands on a what I think is going to be a new favourite; Savary, or Pink Kush.  I've had Pink Kush before but this is the first time from Broken Coast.  The buds themselves were quite true to form; a shade darker, long red hairs, resinous and slightly fluffy.  Scent wise, there was a little more skunk and a hint of diesel hiding in the the more familiar sweet and fruity bits, neither of which were present in the tasty flavour!  

I found the the first few draws of vapor to be a little harsh, not unexpected with more potent strains.  The harshness was gone by the third draw and could conceivably be avoided entirely by letting the vaporizer sit at temperature for an extra 30 or 60 seconds.   The effects were great; fast onset and powerful.  A great night sleep was had by me!

For more information on Savary, please go to Broken Coast's website HERE!

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