The X Max V2 Vaporizer

UPDATE!!  When you're done watching this video check out my new UPDATED X Max V2 PRO REVIEW FOR 2018 HERE - 2018 X MAX V2 REVIEW

I’ve been on the hunt for a portable “Grab & Go” style vaporizer for some time.  The kind I can toss in a coat pocket and bring with me when I’m out on the town.  I have an Arizer Solo and love it to death but the glass stems are fragile and can be cumbersome to fill on the fly. 

The X Max V2 is a thicker pen style dry herb and concentrate vaporizer.  It is a true vaporizer without any exposed heating elements, rather a ceramic chamber that will not combust your herb.

The chamber is deeper than the bowl on the end of a Solo or Air stem but it is more narrow. Because it is a conduction vape it's recommended to use a coarse grind not packed too tightly. I used roughly 2/3 of what I would put in a Solo stem. 

I did 8 - 10 burn offs at the highest temp setting before loading it up with herb. The first bowl had a bit of a rubber taste from the mouthpiece but had gone away completely after the maiden voyage.

It has 5 temp settings and is a 5 click on / 3 to cycle temp system. Works great!

Taste is a little below the Solo but the vapor itself is smoother. The smoother vapor might be because I use less herb in the X Max, the lighter draw resistance or maybe because my Solo is getting long in the tooth (don't get me wrong, I love my Solo, but I could see myself grabbing for the X Max even when portability is not a concern…. The X Max is that good!).

I feel the X Max is best suited as a one person vape due to the smaller chamber but I’m sure it can service two just fine.  It loads easy and works great!  For power, I was able to get 8 – 10 five minute sessions from a single charge of the removable 18650 battery.  As good as that is I highly recommend getting a second battery and external charger, especially if you are going to be away from power for a few days.  

On the down side, even with the better insulated chamber of the Pro, I did find the unit got very hot after 4 – 5 back to back sessions,.  Also, I found the rubber mouthpiece would sometimes come off in my fanny pack.  Yeah, I rock a fanny pack.

Do I recommend the X Max V2 vaporizer?  You damn betchya!  Now get out and vape!!


Want more info on the X Max V2 vaporizer?  Check out this sweet user guide!