Yorkshire (Headband) By Tweed Inc.

Headband is an old favorite of mine from a time long ago!  This is the first time however that I have been able to sample Tweed Inc.'s version dubbed Yorkshire.  If you are part of the MMPR program I cannot recommend Tweed enough.  Since the opening of their Niagara greenhouse facility (which has recently been approved for an expansion) along with their indoor grow in Smith Falls, they have had an abundance of high quality product and a wide selection of strains.

Yorkshire is a hybrid strain that is sativa dominant.  I tend to like strains more on the indica side of things but for some reason I have always had a good run with Headband.  My main complaint with sativas are that they tend to make me anxious whereas an indica helps me relax.  Headband, or Yorkshire, for whatever reason does not contribute to my anxiety at all.  Genetics wise you’re looking at OG Kush crossed with Sour Diesel. 

When looking at the smell and flavor profile, this batch is closer to its Sour Diesel roots; lots of lemon, pine and fuel.  The buds themselves were trimmed quite small but very sticky and laden with trichomes.  It ground up nicely and fluffed up quite a bit!  Consuming via my Arizer Solo vaporizer, it produced a fair bit of vapor on both level 4 and level 5.

This batch of Yorkshire has 19.2% THC, a fairly potent strain, so it did not take a full bowl to feel the effects coming on.  Along with the “big exhale of relaxation” I get from an indica, Yorkshire also produces a pleasant heady feeling as well.  In many sativas, this heady sensation is coupled with a rushy feeling that I am not a fan of, but Yorkshire is so well balanced that the rush is completely non existent. 

Yorkshire, or Headband is a really, really good strain.  A really good strain.  Did I mention I liked this strain?  Yeah… find some through your local LP or however you go about your business.  You won’t be disappointed!