Donegal (Chem Dawg) By Tweed Inc.

Donegal is an indica dominant strain known for having a higher level of THC that is great for both anxiety and insomnia (perfect for me). It is said that Donegal is great for pain relief, appetite and nausea as well, due to its high THC content. My LP is Tweed Inc, the order process was, as always, very simple and the product arrived in about 48 hours!

The buds themselves are a frosted emerald green; small, lush and sticky. You’ll see from the pictures that the flower is covered in beautiful little trichomes and long red hairs. It grinded to a 1:1, didn’t puff up too much more that its bud state.

The smell; diesel, astringent, ammonia and a bit of lemon. Not strong but very distinct.

Vaping the medication in the Arizer Solo, I found the flavor to be very mild and smooth (temperature setting on the Solo went from 4 – 6). This would be a fine selection for anyone new to vaporizing or looking for an easy draw.

The effects came on very quickly but without any sense of a rush. My entire body began to feel relaxed after my second exhalation, anxiety subsided and I could tell I was going to have a very restful sleep (which was exactly what happened). Little bit of dry mouth but nothing that wasn’t cured by keeping a glass of water handy.

Donegal is a fantastic strain and one that is now part of my permanent rotation. It is a very strong indica and may not be for everyone (I’m a big guy with a high tolerance). New users might want to try Fox Hunt (G-13) first, as they are very similar with Fox Hunt being slightly milder in regards to THC (Fox Hunt is my go-to daytime indica). That said, I really recommend this strain for its potent effects and fast onset. I also recommend Tweed Inc as an LP as they’ve proven to me over the past four months that they’re committed to producing quality product and to customer service.