Fox Hunt (G-13) By Tweed Inc.

This review was first written in January and published on

I have ordered Fox Hunt (G-13) from Tweed Inc on several occasions, I consider it my "go-to" daytime indica for a variety of reasons. It is extremely good at relaxing me and reducing anxiety and the THC count of around 14% is low enough for me that I can go on with my day with out feeling sleepy or lethargic.

Ordering was out-of-the-ballpark amazing, even over the holidays! Tweed Inc did a great job of informing their clients of Canada Posts delivery schedule and their own holiday hours so no one would be caught unaware! I really appreciated this because there wasn't any added stress about whether or not I would have my medication (and I did!).

The product I received was great. Slightly bigger and denser buds than my last order, emerald green edging on yellow. Nicely dried and cured, smells of lemon, citrus and earth.

Once ground you can really appreciate the density of the buds, they seem to fluff up 50% once ground. I vaporize my marijuana using an Arizer Solo, usually between settings 4 - 6 in a single cycle. First few draws at level 4 produced a flavourful vapor and I immediately felt a wave of anxiety leave me. The flavour mellowed by the fourth draw and the effects became more prominent. One of the thing I really like about this strain is that it comes on, maintains and leaves in the most mellow way possible. Those suffering from anxiety or PTSD like myself will find this aspect very appealing. I've tried other strains that end up working but have a "rushy" onset, not something you want if you're already an anxious person. I cannot recommend Fox Hunt / G-13 enough!