Balmoral (UK Cheese) By Tweed Inc.

Just received a familiarly shaped parcel from the good folks at Tweed! Today’s delivery was 10 grams of Balmoral, or UK Cheese. I think I may be in the minority, but I like the rebranding Tweed is doing with the strains, it helps remove some of the taboo that might come with a medication that comes with a questionable street name (I wonder what Tweed would call Alaskan Thunder Fuck?).

Anyhow, the batch I received was from lot 4193. This strain is a 60/40 hybrid with 21.4% THC and 0.05% CBD. I medicate to find relief from a host of anxiety disorders related to PTSD. As such, I typically medicate with low THC, mid to high CBD strains in the day (reduces anxiety without clouding the mind) and indicas at night to help induce a restful sleep. From time to time I will augment with a hybrid to help with mental focus in the afternoon, though it can’t go over 60% sativa or it can make the anxiety worse. Balmoral is a solid 60/40 so it’s right on target!! 

Upon opening, I was greeted with a pleasant earthy, mossy aroma. I was hunting for the “cheese” smell it received its name but could only receive the slightest hints of stilton as I exhaled. The buds themselves were perfectly cured, coated in crystals and a beautiful light green. 

I dropped a 1.5 gram nug into my grinder (I use an electric coffee grinder) and proceeded to heat up my Solo. I normally vape with an F-bomb water tool on the Solo but I always like to experience the first bowl of a new strain unadulterated… and I’m glad I did!! I packed about .25 of a gram into the stem and heated up! Starting on level 4 of the Solo, Balmoral has a truly wonderful flavor!! The slight hint of stilton I experienced earlier was now a lingering after taste! And the draws were thick and flavorful…. Earthy, mossy going in, tangy and smooth coming out. This initial flavor lasted for the first 4 – 5 draws then mellowed out.  

At this point I could feel the onset of the effects; a calming, warm bodied mellowness, ease of anxiety and a feeling of calm. A fast onset with zero rush. This right here is a new favorite!!

I clicked the Solo up and continued. Beautiful vapor clouds and enhanced effects. I clicked off before needing to go to level 6 and 7.

Tweed, you have a winner here!! Thank you for a wonderful product!!