Herringbone (AK-47) By Tweed Inc

I submitted this review to Liftcannabis.ca December 2014

I received an order of Herringbone (AK-47) today from Tweed Inc (Canadian licensed producer) and I knew this was going to be a bit of an experiment. I’ve mentioned in a few other reviews that I medicate for PTSD and the strains I find most useful are typically indica or indica dominant as pure or sativa heavy strains can make me edgy (though there are a few hybrids that go as high as 60% that I have found beneficial). Herringbone (AK-47) is 65% and really wasn’t on my radar for inclusion to my protocol but it was recommended to me highly by another who also suffers from PTSD. The recommendation was based around the medication giving energetic and uplifting experience. I decided to take the recommendation and give it a try! 

Herringbone has a strong though not offensive aroma.  Fresh cut grass, a little bit of citrus… it’s all there. If I was to be a nerd I’d even say there’s a little menthol and eucalyptus in there, but I’m not a nerd so I won’t say that.

The buds themselves were small and wiry like most sativas. Red hairs, fine crystals, well grown and looked to be harvested at the right time! These buds were little cuties!!

Firing up the Solo, I loaded up the stem and waited until the temperature was reached. First few draws were exceptionally smooth! So smooth that I was shocked to see any vapor come out… but I was indeed getting nice clouds! I can see this being a huge benefit for those medicating for the first time or with respiratory issues as there was zero irritation. The taste was not what I expected, for all the fragrance of the bud itself there was not a lot of taste in the actual vapor. That too could be seen as a positive to someone new to vaporizing.

The effects; I did find it a little head-rushy at first but it balanced off quickly. And yes, it left me feeling both energetic and uplifted… just as described! My body felt light and limber, like after a good stretch!

This was a nice recommendation and I understand why Herringbone is a popular strain, especially as a daytime medication! I can see it working really well for those looking to help motivate them to get out and move! Both the mild flavor and zero irritation when inhaling the vapour will also benefit many! The medicative effects were good but I just felt it a little too rushy for me at the start. For my particular symptoms, there are other strains that I find more effective. That's another great thing about Tweed (especially this month!), there's a ton of selection. What a great thing – being able to tailor and fine-tune our own medication! The strains we use are as individual as the symptoms we treat!